Children’s Mercy – Toilet Training Made Easy

 Toilet Training Made Easy By Bo Youngblood, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

Time: 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. Location: 5520 College Blvd. Suite 425, Overland Park, KS 66211 Presenter: Bo Youngblood, PhD, Licensed Psychologist Objectives:
  • Parents/caregivers will learn techniques to help facilitate the toilet training process, along with understanding the steps in toilet training children with autism.
  • Dr. Youngblood will demonstrate and discuss strategies for families who have been unsuccessful with traditional training methods.
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Date(s): 09-16-2019 Time(s): 5:00 pm

Autism Speaks – Tele-Learning Program: Newly Diagnosed Child (Webinar)

Newly Diagnosed Child

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 6-7pm

Has your child been recently diagnosed with autism? Join us for a tele-learning program for families with a newly diagnosed child and learn about the best steps to take after receiving an autism diagnosis.

The tele-learning program will highlight:

  • information about Autism Speaks
  • how to access free resources
  • tools to help you and your family

RSVP by September 17th

Visit Autism Speaks for more information and registration

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Date(s): 09-18-2019 Time(s): 6:00 pm

Horizon Academy – Learning Disabilities Simulation (Roeland Park)

Learning Disabilities Simulation

Thursday, September 19, 2019 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Step into the shoes of a student with learning disabilities. This simulation recreates the experience of having dyslexia and other learning disabilities. This simulation is intended to help the general public understand the struggles of having a learning disability in a traditional school setting.

Visit HA for more information and registration

Date(s): 09-19-2019 Time(s): 6:30 pm

Archdiocese OF KCK – BREATHE (OP)

The program is offered once a month from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Holy Cross School located at 8101 West 95th Street in Overland Park.

BREATHE is staffed by qualified professionals and volunteers. Participants will engage in activities that will include, but not be limited to, faith formation, art, recreation, and music.  The goal is that every parent or caretaker feels confident leaving their loved one in a safe, fun and exciting environment.

Date(s): 09-21-2019 Time(s): 4:00 pm

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