A Young Man’s Road to Success

As I sit and write, my hope is that you are inspired to keep dreaming for your child, keep working with your child and getting help where it is needed, because one day, your child who has autism will grow up to be an adult who has autism. Using the resources you have now will help your child be confident and be able to eventually live independently. (Whatever that may look like) Help them find their gifts and abilities they can use to be part of society.

My son who has autism is 25 years old. It has been a long and sometimes lonely road to get to where he is now. He struggled to listen and understand directions in school. He would get frustrated when asked to do things a certain way. He did not like his schedule to change and became very anxious in trying new things. Those are some of the struggles we have endured and still have difficulties to this day. Continue reading A Young Man’s Road to Success


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