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Instant Modeling ™ – Teaching an array of skills for children and adults on the Autism Spectrum by showing (Right Way Only) expected skill or behavior recorded from the individual’s own environment, utilizing looping and positive reinforcement.

As a parent, I have had great success with the word I use called, “Instant Modeling.”  You want to teach a new skill, you can start right now.  Take any recording device, for example a mobile phone, and record someone doing the exact skill or expected behavior in the Autism Spectrum individual’s own setting.  Move the recording to software or an app that has the capability of “looping.”  Allow the child or adult to push play, or assist if necessary, and let them watch the recording.  It will play over and over again.  Once you are ready to have the individual try the skill or behavior, with each incremental step they make towards the end goal, do positive reinforcement.There are an unlimited number of applications for Instant Modeling ™.  When utilizing this technique, remember a few things:

  • Pick the best “positive reinforcers” for that particular individual and use one at each incremental step in the right direction.
  • Before trying the new skill or behavior outside of the individual’s environment, as best possible, prep the child or adult for what situation they will be in when expected to try it.  (If applicable, offer as many choices as possible.)
  • Practice the desired skill or behavior to completion.Instant Modeling ™ can be used by Parents, Caregivers & Professionals.
    © 2015 Heidi Muller Eckart

Examples of easy to use apps are QuickTime® on Mac® and Keynote® on an iPhone® or iPad®.

Mac®, QuickTime®, iPhone®, iPad®, and Keynote® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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