Success Stories

Kansas City Success Stories

“After getting out to some of these events,
I’m realizing that I am not alone with my child’s diagnosis.”
 Mom – Liberty

“Last year my three-year-old was nonverbal. With many months of therapy and a diet change,
he now has over 100 words” 

Dad – Shawnee

“With all of the therapy, we certainly see an improvement in our grandson’s social and interactive skills just within the family. The thing we notice most with him is he just seems happy (and that makes me happy).” 
Grandpa – Leawood

“We have worked hard to learn new techniques from out therapists. It is starting to make a difference on what we can do with our family on the weekend.” 
Parents – Blue Springs

“We had our first successful playdate! We will Continue to get help and have our son attend classes for social skills.”
Mom – Kansas City

“Our child is now doing things I never thought he could do. We are going to keep trying.” 
Parents – Kansas City

“We used to worry about our daughter not having any friends.  She now has lots of friends.
We are continuing to find help to teach her how to maintain those friendships.”

Dad – Kansas City

“I know I used to do a lot of things that I don’t do any more.
Thanks for loving me through it all!” 

Child – Overland Park