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Autism Spectrum Disorders are reaching epidemic proportions:  1 in 54 Children and 1 in 38 are Boys.  The costs to U.S. citizens for services to adults and children combined are estimated at $250 Billion annually.  With early intervention, there can be a 2/3 reduction in costs over the lifetime of the individual.  Besides the financial benefits of early intervention, there are clear positive impacts on families as well.

The number one request by those affected is for more informationAll About Autism is unique because we bring great Kansas City and surrounding area organizations and events together in one place with the touch of a button.  Community events are included as well – for those that want to get involved but don’t know how to start.  We also provide ideas that parents and caregivers Can Do today.

All About Autism is a Nonprofit 501 (c) 3.  Our financial giving will go directly to tools and technology that can be utilized to help families.  Our mission is to help every child reach their fullest potential.  With the successes and dramatic improvements seen in many of these children, this organization offers HOPE.


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