Children ‘Make’ Nutritious Snacks

Following Literal and Figurative Therapy

You look at the Wacky Headlines like “Children Make Nutritious Snacks,” and you think of words in the sentence that might have multiple meanings.  You find the answer by figuring out what is different from right.  There is something wrong.  What is it?

  • Children only has one meaning.  Nutritious only has one meaning.  Snacks only has one meaning.
  • Is it a homophone – a word that sounds the same, but is spelled different?
  • Flower – like a plant or flour – like you grind up and put in bread.  There are also many different T’s.  Tea that you drink, the letter T and a tee that you put a golf ball on.
  • Is it a homograph – spelled the same but different meaning.Like in this case, it is “make,” as in physically making something.  I also change the tenses on the words if I need to.  For example, “ed, s, ing, es”  If it makes sense, I go with it.When I learned multiple meaning words definition, I felt like I was speaking in a different language.  It makes me feel more confident now.  It ties in with many things in life.